Rooted in American Heritage, Nurtured by Family Values and Strengthened by Faith: Our Small Business Journey

How it all started...

For as long as I can remember I have been drawn to the art of creativity, whether it was as a child with sketching or writing, or as an adult creating marketing ads for other businesses, anything that gave me an artistic outlet I wanted to be a part of! When our daughter was born, I knew it was time for me to pursue my own journey and start my own endeavors by becoming an entrepreneur. I wanted to do something that truly brought me joy while also having the ability to nurture our family values.

I have always been rooted in the PNW and have had the ability to see the magic that comes from reviving once lost beauty in something. Revived Roots PNW started with me creating farmhouse style home decor. Without any true grasp of power tools but a loving husband to help guide me, our business quickly flourished into something I never saw coming. With my husband, Cameron's extensive machining knowledge, we saw an opportunity to evolve, leading us to the business you see today. We work together to bring you American made creations that last. With our shop being located at our home, we have the opportunity to raise our children and show them what is achievable with hard work, family and faith. We truly appreciate every customer, and value each order. Thank you for choosing Revived Roots PNW!

- Natalie (Owner of Revived Roots PNW)

Meet the Ledgerwood's

Husband & wife dynamic duo, Natalie and Cameron Ledgerwood.

This business was created for me to concur on my own, while allowing me to stay home raising our 3 children. It has quickly grown into an incredible journey we are able to
navigate together.

While Cameron also works another fulltime job outside the home, he contributes to our growing business as much as possible. Meanwhile, while I attempt to concur being a stay-at-home mom, soaking up all the extra time I can with our children. I also am working tirelessly on growing our business, knowing our dream once our children are more grown will be that this flourishes into a fulltime business for me. During this season of life, being able to do something I truly love all while watch them grow and learn in is a true blessing in itself.

We cannot express the amount of gratitude we have for our family of 5 and this crazy busy life of ours.